About RCI and Our Team

RCI is an independent and nonpartisan initiative of the Harvard Negotiation Project and Issue One.

Expenses and staff compensation have been supported by donations from across the political spectrum. Senior team members have donated their time.

The Harvard Negotiation Project works to improve the theory and the practice of negotiation and conflict management, and has a long track record of contributions to the resolution of major international conflicts.

Issue One is one of the nation’s leading nonpartisan advocacy organizations dedicated to political reform and government ethics that has recruited more than 200 bipartisan former members of Congress, governors, and Cabinet secretaries to advocate on behalf of solutions to fix our democracy. In December 2017, Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus inspired the creation of the bipartisan Congressional Reformers Caucus, the first caucus of its kind in the House dedicated to political reform that is comprised of 32 members from the 115th Congress.

The RCI team is supported by a broad and growing group of advisors.

The RCI Team

Bruce Patton


Bruce is co-director of the Rebuild Congress Initiative and Distinguished Fellow of the Harvard Negotiation Project and coauthor of the seminal negotiation texts Getting to YES and Difficult Conversations. Bruce, in his early career, partnered with negotiation expert Roger Fisher, in creating the structure for the resolution of the U.S.-Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 and training the facilitation team drawn from the business community that managed the constitutional negotiations in South Africa that led to the end of apartheid, among many other international interventions. More recently he has focused in the corporate sector on helping organizations fundamentally transform their strategy, norms, and behaviors in the face of so-called “adaptive” challenges.

J.B. Lyon


J.B. is a co-director of the Rebuild Congress Initiative and a founding board member of Issue One.  Since 2012, J.B. has run Mt. Independence Investments, his family office, which primarily invests early stage and growth capital in business service companies as well as real estate. He worked prior to Mt. Independence in private equity investing in the energy sector. He spent the first 20 years of his career as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. In 1998, he wrote the business plan and led the launch of In the early 1980s, J.B. led his first entrepreneurial venture when he created a company with his father that became the first licensee of Pac-Man paraphernalia.

patrick mascia


Patrick manages the Rebuild Congress Initiative. Previously, Pat worked with Bruce Patton at Vantage Partners, advising leading companies on organizational transformation, negotiation strategy, and the future of work. He was also a General Manager and early employee at Catalant Technologies.